måndag 18 juni 2018

Annual meeting - 2018

Paulo de Tarso Silva, Ca Cedercreutz-Bäck, Carla-Rose Häkkinen and Nena Stenius.

On the 23rd of May 2018, the board members of ALBA Suomi-Finland gathered in Espoo for their annual meeting. Nena Stenius kindly hosted the participants in her home garden.

This was an opportunity to celebrate Ca Cedercreutz-Bäck's 70th birthday (on the left). 
Nena Stenius (on the right) was a great host as usual.

The event was open to all ALBA members as it was also an opportunity to share stories over a picnic. We counted with the presence of Airi Forssell who shared a traditional Kalevala story. 

María Serrano (on the left) was happy to take on the responsibilities as ALBA's chairperson once more.

Airi Forssell's presence (on the right) was very crucial for the discussions. Her initial story also set a nice tone to the meeting.

Airi was also able to participate in the discussions and witness the official agreements of the board members.

For the agenda, the meeting included an overview of the activities within the Association during the past year. In the occasion, the participants also re-elected the current board members for the 2018 - 2019 term:  

Ca Cedercreutz-Bäck 
Carla-Rose Häkkinen 
Margherita Zilliacus,   
María Serrano, 
Nena Stenius,  
Paulo de Tarso Silva 
Rita Kreivi

In addition to the board members above, Pia Abrahamsson was also appointed deputy member of the board. Even with the limited time, the participants initiated a discussion about upcoming activities that should the considered in the newly term.

Margherita Zilliacus

More information should be sent out to all the ALBA members shortly.

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