Ca Cedercreutz-Bäck

Ca Cedercreutz-Bäck

Ca Cedercreutz-Bäck studied storytelling within her studies of Philosophy at the University of Helsinki, MK – and her motivations surrounded the importance of dialogue. Her interests in storytelling led her to participate in numerous workshops and meetings, also taking her to study tours in several places like Ohio - USA, London, Norway and Sweden.

In her work, Ca Cedercreutz-Bäck uses storytelling with children and young people. She usually chooses stories from different parts of the world. She also hosts multicultural events where participants interested in Swedish can also get exposed to different languages.

My storytelling gatherings are arranged like a workshop and are divided in two parts: –  the first part is for telling stories and the second part for drawing. For drawing part, the participants create images that first come to mind after a story was told. After a while the children and youth (those who are eager to), tell a story based on their drawings.
I end the session by retelling the story alongside a book with good illustrations!

My interest in storytelling comes from the understanding that storytelling gives a broader view of the world and allows people to engage with the everyday life issues with a different level of consciousness!

To me, storytelling is fun, refreshing and relaxing  - all at the same time!

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