torsdag 7 juni 2018

ALBA Workshop with Carla-Rose in Spring 2018

ALBA's workshop with Carla-Rose Häkkinen was a joyful even full of laughter and transformation. 


In 24 March I had the pleasure and opportunity to give a storytelling workshop ”From Darkness to Light: the birth of story” as a continuation of the tradition of Alba’s annual spring workshops. The workshop took place at the Nylands Svenska Ungdomsförbund in Puotila.

The theme of the workshop was mainly how to improvise a story together as a group and then move on to working more deeply on some aspects of it. We worked also a little bit on stage presence and gestures. After some warm-up exercises the group came up with a wild story about a courageous sheep with a dream and delved fearlessly into the creative process. The aim was to give some tools that anyone can use when working on a story: drawing maps, writing about details, acting, using colours etc.

 I also wished that the group could have an experience of the joy and relaxation that comes from creating something together. One of the healing aspects of storytelling  for me and many others is the feeling of sharing a common story. I think this is especially needed in our highly individualised culture.

There was a nice smallish group of 9 participants which made it possible to take time for each exercise. The atmosphere was light and fun and also focused. I truly hope that the workshop was enjoyable and useful for all its participants – for me it offered a very valuable opportunity to learn, among other things,  more about how to facilitate story improvisation. 

Thank you very much to all the lovely participants, the Alba board members who helped with the practical arrangements, and to NSU for providing us with the beautiful space.
 Hope to see you in some story event or workshop – until then, I wish everybody a great summer!

Love, Carla-Rose

Carla-Rose, thank you so much for sharing your skills with us. You have a gift! I had a great time and I believe that the tools you shared with us today will have long lasting benefits. On my end I can say that everything that I learned today will have an impact in my path as a storyteller.
Paulo de Tarso Silva 

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