Paulo de Tarso Silva

Paulo de Tarso (BR) & Paavo (FI)

Paulo is a deputy member on the board of ALBA Suomi Finland. He is also the founder of Metaphora InternationalIn additional to being a storyteller Paulo perceives himself as a story mediator. Paulo’s work at Metaphora focuses on 'story craft' as a way to enable others to materialise the stories that match their identity. 

I believe that learning is not limited to academics and  I found an opportunity to connect people's experiences and share knowledge through stories. I have experienced the benefits of using storytelling as a tool in different social contexts, including my own family and professional career.   

Being a husband and a father in a multicultural family is a significant part of my identity. I look at my work as an extension of  my lifestyle and I try to honor my values in everything I do. My work deals with personal and professional identity and it investigates the sense of purpose in career development or at the workplace. 

Paulo is originally from Brazil and he has lived in Finland since 2005. He holds a Master Degree in Adult Education and Developmental Work Research from the University of Helsinki. Paulo is interested in working with stories and narratives as a way to contextualise and empower change in various activities.  

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