onsdag 28 februari 2018

Spring Workshop: From Darkness to Light - The Birth of Story

 From Darkness to Light - The Birth of story

Dear friends of stories and Alba,

Our spring workshop, is organised again in co-operation with Nylands Svenska Ungdomsförbund! This time the workshop is given by Carla-Rose Häkkinen, member of Alba board. You are most heartily welcome to join this day spent exploring creativity and storytelling. Do invite you friends as well!

In the storytelling workshop ”From darkness to light: the birth of story” we will create a story together and work on it, going through the first stages of the creative process. The story will be unique to this moment and group of people. We will do exercises that activate creativity and give structure to the new-born story, for example simple movement exercises, drawing and creative writing.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a space and some tools for making a story of your own and giving shape and richness to it. We will embark on a shared journey of discovery and finally present the fruits of our work as a draft version of the story.

The workshop is meant for anyone interested in storytelling and aims to offer tools to both beginners and more experienced storytellers. The language of tuition is English. Other languages can also be used as needed.

Prices: 50 € Alba members, 70 € others. Includes soup, tea/coffee. Reduced fees are possible, get in touch. Registrations by e-mail to albasuomifinland@gmail.com by 11 March.

Find out more about Carla-Rose here and Follow the event on Facebook.

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