måndag 10 juli 2017


CARLA-ROSE HÄKKINEN conducted a workshop on the 13th of May in Copenhagen.

The workshop entitled "DEVISING A TALE - Co-creating a Story Performance" was much appreciated in by the participants.

Some reviews are found here:

Carla-Rose is, for me to see, a very skilled storyteller. She is inspired by different sources, and juggles with a colourful palette of tools in order to work with a story and making us - the participants - able to tell the story "by heart" - here meaning to make the story come alive within and then give a deep touch of personal expression when sharing it with an audience.  
She is, I think, a very caring, patient, playful and humoristic instructor. She works in a creative, intuitive and impulsive way. At the same, time you don´t doubt that she is doing "serious business"; holds the overview and has a clear goal ahead.
We were working with a fairly dramatic fairytale of H.C Andersen in two groups. One group was going to dramatise the story using movement and words. The other group, moves, rythm and sounds. I enjoyed very much being in the wordless group; it was very moving and touched me deeply.  
To watch the other group was also some of an experience! It was so beautiful and incredibly funny. The themes of the story, I recognized, were mirroring themes of my personal life, and that has helped me a step further on the adventurous journey to understanding myself and the fact of being human. 
Thank you sincerly, Carla-Rose, for giving a magical and inspiring workshop/ playroom!  
Love from Liv,  


Carla-Rose led us through the workshop in a playful, safe and humble way and gave us a great variety of exercises. 
In a few hours’ time, we went on a long journey and experienced a story coming to life. 
Once again I was amazed by the power of a touching story. A key question and a group of caring people trigged my imagination. New words and images came into being, bringing hope and joy. 
Love, Linda 

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