onsdag 7 oktober 2015

Shaibalaiba! Story Café Special 14.10.

Shaibalaiba! Story Café goes international again at the Arkadia International Bookshop! We will hear stories and songs in English -- and who knows, maybe in some other language too!

The event is organised by Samova ry.

Invited storytellers:
Maria Vatanen, Alireza Abdi Montaz and Markus Luukkonen.

The musician and host: Carla-Rose Häkkinen.

After the guests have spoken, the stage is yours! Share your story, fairy tale, anecdote, memory, song... In English.
You and your friends are warmly welcome!

Address: Nervanderinkatu 11.

PS: Arkadia Bookshop appreciates a donation of 3 euros (or more!) as a voluntary entrance fee.

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